A little classic neighborhood

Well, I whipped this up in about a half an hour, not something to admire, it’s quite copied, as I made the one house, and copied and pasted it, but I’m going to make it a free model, to give the community a free build, but I might as well get some free feedback!

Here is a overview of the neighborhood in studio, if you want me to release it as a game to the public, feel free to reply and ask, and I may make it into something a little more, like add some trees, bushes, commercial buildings, in-house decorations, etc.
Feel free to reply with your feed back, but for your convenience, here is a poll!

On a scale one to ten, what is it?
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Imo, it looks like something from 2010. The house looks almost exactly like that one old house in roblox seen in Kohls Admin House.


The house is a bit simple and it looks a bit like lego, and as @Rosulli said it looks like the one in Kohls Admin House try and make it a bit more detailed add some trees, trash cans, benches and try and make the roof of the house more slanted and not like a brick stacked on a brick.

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It’s supposed to look very simple, classic, as this is supposed to represent the starter house from 2008-2012. I am going to make the model a game, and I’ll add a bin, bench, trees, bushes, and maybe even flying birds! Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

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Great observation indeed. Now, it’s supposed to look classic and simple, but I dee your reference from one of those Kohl’s Admin games starter plates. Maybe I’ll make a model for a free admin game? Never know. Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

May I ask why are you going for the year 2008-2012? There’s no use in that to be honest, and you are losing your time if you do that. We are in 2020 and we people want to see improvements not downgrades. If we were in 2008 maybe I would love this, but for now I don’t like this at all. Sorry and good luck man!


Now, this was inspired by another post I found on the DevForums of the old building style. Also, what would a 2020 house look like? Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.

I can’t tell you step by step how a 2020 house might look, but you already know that in this year we can detail anything, even a door or a flower. Make sure you actually try to detail everything and also you can look on internet and take inspiration. Hope you will do better, good luck!

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houses is looking like a free model? i don’t know about road.

But good work!

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The house was made by me, and just copied and pasted around the neighborhood, and I’m going to add some more things, like in-house decoration, outside naturistic things, etc.

A new little update to it, adding recommendations from the people.

I will continue to make small updates as time goes on, feel free in the mean to to recommend any additional features you’d like to see.
Update log:
Added commercial building.
Fixed Road sizes.
Added bushes and trees.
Also added public benches with trash bins.

To come:
A mini park.
Street lamps.
Street lights.
Stop signs.
Add double lining to certain road(s).
A Church.
Expected update time: 12/2/20 8 PM EST
I’ll continually update this post.
Thanks for the feedback to the following:
You will be shouted out if you give feedback.

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It looks better now, Keep Up The Great Work!