A little expansion

By: murjarquitecto


I’ve seen your city collection before, and I must say that you are a builder with a lot of potential
Keep up your good work :wink:


I like the city but what is the game?

This is soooo realistic. Is this going to be a game one day? It looks too realistic for roblox…

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I agree it looks like it can be its own game outside of roblox

Dude are you human, how did you finish this in one week. Do you even sleep. Great work dude.

Would be cooler if some buildings were interactive.

Still Awesome btw!.

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  1. I am Human
  2. I sleep perfectly 8 hours always
  3. Experience
  4. Effort and dedication to finish a construction faster

Bro, great job. I love the way you incorporated the roblox logo into your builds. I’m completely speechless at how accurate to real cities this is. I’m just wondering how long did this took to make? Keep up the amazing work.

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Wow and I thought I was good! This is a whole new level of Modeling / Building!

sorry for not having answered before, and as the subject above said it was only 1 week :wink: