A little project I have been working on for a few days

I have been making a little project, it is simple but I hope to make it big soon.

Its not that good but I am trying to make something like a tycoon but it is also like a simulator. Basically, A sci-fi game what I’m trying to say. What you do is spawn a block or some type of creature then you can design it and use it on a battlefield or something. (This is just a idea and I already started making it). The grey part is the spawn location of the creature and were you design it. The screen/monitor is just to spawn the creature saved/made.

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Could you be a bit more specific I have no clue what the pictures really even mean and what sets this apart from other games

I added more context/description into it.

Sounds like just a more customizable tycoon to me

I hope to make it not like a tycoon and make it very unique.

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