A lobby for a classic styled game I'm working on

Now that I have finished laying out my games main scripting, I’ve decided its time to start building the lobby for my game, here are some screenshots of its progress.

P.s. not finished building the lobby, but I think its cool enough in its current progress to show. If you are interested in viewing the place yourself, here is the link : [strike]http://www.roblox.com/The-Heist-place?id=173580663[/strike]

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Cool meshes bro!

This is way too good for a lobby.

Thanks, cheers to anyone who can find the easter egg in the park and the 2 ROBLOX user’s the bar and deil reference too.
Also, the actual map for the game I’m working on is the same style as the lobby, just bigger.

Bumping instead of creating a new thread to post a few more pictures…