A Lua Beautifier that actually works

After days of searching, I found the perfect Lua Beautifier that can clean up your lines and etc. This is a very useful tool for beginners and scripters that just have one of the messiest codes.

Example of what it does:

And how I used it:



This post has gotten lot of attention over time and I guess it’s time to inform people that this is actually a feature inside Roblox now added sometime in late 2020.



I might use this when a GitHub repo uses spaces instead of tabs. Would make it much easier to standardize their annoying code.

Thanks for sharing!


Shameless self plug but I actually forked and updated stravant’s beautifier/minifier a while back. Here’s the source on GitHub: https://github.com/Rerumu/lua-minify
Here’s the Roblox plugin I made for it: https://www.roblox.com/library/2744793551/Minify

It has some options sliders and fancy stuff like constant folding if you want to use those too.


I have used this before, and working on projects with friends who write messy code (@tronP, this means you) is no longer a hassle. There is a character limit, which is the only issue that I have encountered with this. Might even port this to a plugin in studio down the line, who knows?


Please do dm me the plugin when you have finished it!

It’s sad that Stravant’s plugin is outdated now but it really didn’t “beautify” what I needed tbh

Woah! That’s actually amazing because I use this website too. So, I can format my Lua scripts. :smiley:

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I think theres a misunderstanding here.

I prefer tabs. They’re much cleaner, 1 keypress instead of 4, yada yada let’s not do the tabs vs spaces debate here.

Sometimes I’ll find a nice module or repo that I want to use or modify, by its written with spaces.
A beautifier would make it easy to switch them to a format I’m more comfortable with.


I love the composition to this!