A made a scaling text box

I made a button system that utilizes TextService:GetTextSize() to create labels that can be assigned functions (such as activated, mousebutton1down), you can see the function in action when I click the inventory button in the showcase below:

(This was created with roact as well)


Really neat design! I would personally add some tweening to the boxes, so they animate in. Well done.

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Thanks for the feedback! The boxes being created when chatting was just to showcase the sizing, but I could tween them when a player hides and unhides the menus.

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Would you be able to provide a copy of the used image for the UIs? :slight_smile:

There were no images used for the UIs, it was all made in roblox studio using frames, UICorners, ViewportFrames and other UI elements.

Ah, okay. Thanks for filling the information though.