A mall frame I made

Hey I am Gamer/Nathan! I would like to hear some of your feedback about this mall frame I made.



Any feedback will help!


Looks cool to me. I like it. Great job!


It looks so great!!!
I think that you should add some textures.

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The layout is great but, i recommend using less parts.
For ex. One part for a few windows other than four for a single window…
If you want to achieve a semi-realistic look, use textures.
Low-Poly look? Stick with bright/vibrant colors.

Keep up the good work and fix the shading issues using meshes or unions (which i highly suggest to avoid as they cause major lag).

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I really like the build. I think it has great potential. Here is some feedback:

My piece of criticism I would like to provide for you is that the build does look pretty unfinished are you just looking for feedback on the frames or the building itself? If so, I would possibly add a flat circular cover to go top of the large glass window to make it look like more better I’ll try sizing the roof up so it won’t look flat maybe try giving it some colors or textures if needed.

The build is very plain and there seems to be no proper material or color place on it as it seems to have a blocky look to it in some form of way, primarily your structures. It’s a very a nice build, I just don’t think the wood support beams fits the design your going for.


The windows on the building looks like it was made in 2009

This is pretty nice for a start, although I have a few nitpicks.

The windows feel a bit forced. I don’t really know any other way to describe it. The color and transparency chosen don’t fit with the style and color in the rest of the build. The top windows are like a navy blue, which is a great color for windows, yet the bottom windows are just plain white. I’d recommend changing all of the windows to the navy blue.

Color and texture
I know I already mentioned color above, but Im going to mention it again. The white walls look really bland and boring. When you look at pictures of mall exteriors, a lot of time they are really vibrant in color (examples below):

If you try out different color and none of them fit what you are going for, then I recommend texturing the walls. You can use some of Roblox’s preset textures under properties, or create your own using this article.

I wanted to put this at the beginning but decided otherwise. The overhang shade roof I know its not called that is honestly unnecessary and feels forced. I would personally recommend removing it as a whole, but if you want to keep it, I’d place the support beams like this (below) to fit the modern vibe of the rest of the building.

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 2.44.22 PM

You did a great job, these were just a few things I thought you could change. Please dont take any of this too personally. Hope this helped :smile:


This is a free model. Sorry bro, you can’t be using a free model and changing its color and saying you made it.

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It’s great. Needs textures though.

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The entrance’s glass panel can be made with negated cylinder part so it doesn’t look too messy, and add a transparent fence texture and it’ll look great.