A message from Nukeaboss99

Hello everyone, I have a lot of things I need to address in this message.

First off: If you were wondering why the group owner changed, I have made a holding account for Nukeaboss Games as it will eliminate the risk of losing my group due to an event that I have no control over.

Second off: The majority of you guys already know about the Ukraine situation right now. This situation has also affected me thousands of miles away in the Pacific Northwest. I was planning on working on a game called “1967”, a game where you would have to survive in a fallout shelter during a full scale nuclear war. However, Russia has recently put its nuclear arsenal on “high alert”, which may (certainly hope not) break out into a nuclear war. As such, I have postponed 1967 until the situation cools down.

Just to clarify: The name “Nukeaboss Games” does NOT relate to any nuclear weaponry or references to nuclear wars.

Third off: Even with the Ukraine situation above the boiling point, I will not be stopping development of games. As a replacement to the title 1967, I will be starting a yet to be named that will take place in a town along the US/Canadian border where an unknown creature is haunting the down, which drove everyone to move out. As this game moves on, I will post more development updates in the future.

I apologize for any inconvenience with the postponing of 1967. I hope no other situation outside of Nukeaboss Games halts development of any other games in the future.

Thank you.

Founder of Nukeaboss Games
Creating Games Since January 1st, 2021