A method of getting every property?

So, I have been wanting this for a while now. I have looked and I found some but most of them did not work or was not what I wanted.
I am wondering if you people have any methods/functions for getting all properties. Thanks in advance.

Can you give me a code example I have never used HttpService before ;-;

I don’t think that method can be done anymore.

It’s a JSON output. It’s basically just a massive table, but it comes as a string. I didn’t look too much at the JSON but it should work for your use case. Roblox used to have Instance:GetAttributes() but that has been disabled and doesn’t work. If the endpoint doesn’t work, I don’t think there’s any other way. Pretty sure the endpoint works though since it has worked for plugins and I believe still currently does. You just need to make sure it’s getting it from the latest version (see post above).

You need to use game:HttpGet()

I made this little script to do just that:

function fetchProperties (includeInstanceProperties)
	local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

	local trimmedApiDump = {}
	local apiDumpVersionHash = HttpService:GetAsync("https://setup.rbxcdn.com/versionQTStudio")
	local apiDumpClasses = HttpService:JSONDecode(
		HttpService:GetAsync("https://setup.rbxcdn.com/" .. apiDumpVersionHash .. "-API-Dump.json")
	local instanceProperties

	for classIndex, class in pairs(apiDumpClasses) do
		local properties = {}

		for memberIndex, member in pairs(class.Members) do

			if member.MemberType == "Property" then
				properties[#properties + 1] = member.Name
		if class.Name == "Instance" then
			instanceProperties = properties
		elseif includeInstanceProperties then
			for propertyIndex, property in pairs(instanceProperties) do
				properties[#properties + 1] = property

		trimmedApiDump[class.Name] = properties

	return trimmedApiDump
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