A mobile player is restricted from playing some of my games

Earlier today I was sent this:

I was skeptical, as I’ve never seen it before.

Apparently this pops up whenever this user attempts to play:

This lasted for this user from around 3 PM ET to 3:50 PM ET today. It solved itself on its own. However, the user attempted the following to fix it:

“I’ve tried: log-in, log-off; app restart; app reinstall; phone restart”

None of these worked. Only time passing apparently solved it. They said they’d contact me if it happened again, but I figure I should report it anyway. I was not able to replicate this on mobile using my account and a non-BC alternate account.

The user has the iPhone 6s with the latest Roblox Mobile version and uses iOS 12.1.2.


Very strange.

Do you see any dip in phone or tablet users on your game(s) over that time period?

Nothing particularly obvious, no.

The data for this game looks weird around the time for mobile, but it may just be processing?

Apparently the bug is happening right now (4:17 PM ET) again for the player, I think it may be server-related, as the DevForum and Roblox are giving me errors/running slow at this time.

The user now reports that this is now occurring for many games that are not my own.

The DevForum is giving me a 503 error when I attempt to edit, hence why I’m posting again. :frowning_face:

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That’s not just you. I’ve seen multiple people say this… seems like maybe Roblox’s servers are experiencing some trouble

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