A Modern House [Let me know your thoughts!]

Hiya! I’m not much of a Builder, but I made this cool little Modern House and I need your opinion!

(6) Vibe Houseッ - Roblox

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It’s a bit plain it needs a bit more detail.

gonna be honest doesn’t look too good it looks like brick and grass no char or anything to make it life-like. And why there no tile near the pool it thoughts me of. it looks to band make it look interesting. Make it something you would live in. That my advice.

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Can you show the inner part of the house?

Oh, there’s nothing on the inside, it’s just the exterior.

I totally agree! I’m not the best at building, so I didn’t really know what to do lol.

I really appreciate the advice! And yeah, I 100% agree with you! It looks really really plain with no details whatsoever. I’m more of a Programmer, but I thought I’d give a shot at building. Thanks for advice once again!

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The house does have modern structure but it does lack other elements mainly on the (exterior) try adding some circular lighting underneath the roof part perhaps throw some chairs - potted plants ect. If your lacking information and ideas, I would highly recommend using reference images to get the full design correct.

I would try to focus on the little details, it kind of has that simplistic design to the entire build. If you want to make it look better, add some textures to the building modern houses don’t always start with a basic white color, add some real life objects if you need ideas to make it stand out download a few images to have by your side.

Other than that there are a few issues that could be fixed and likely be improved overtime.

Definitely. I totally agree. It just looks bland, but I’m more of a programmer, so I’m not the best lol. Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it!