A new black dress

i really am loving this dress that i made. idk what to make next. pls give me ideas. +do y’all want me to make some boys clothing? if so please leave some suggestions. i want to make a group, but idk if it is worth the time or the money to upload. give some feedback! :wink:displayblackw_sparkledress


Looks pretty good and I’m loving the textures however the overall shape of the dress feels very boxy. The skirt is a little high aswell, especially with the cut.

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just noticed that this wasn’t centered, this could be intentional idk

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yes i did a test upload today there is a ton wrong with it am i am not loving it anymore it is too low and the skirt part is too high

yep noticed that annoying. it annoying

have you check out my other designs? :slight_smile: