A New Recommended Sort: What Roblox Needs

So, what is the problem? Here is a screenshot of the top Recommended games that I took yesterday. I circled the games that have lower than an 80% rating in red.

50% of the games on this screenshot have a rating lower than 80%, yet they are still being recommended to all players. The worst part is that they aren’t even customized to the player. I made an alt account and checked the page. Most of the games are exactly the same, despite the fact that I took this screenshot the day after the last. The Recommended section has been like this for years. Most users just ignore the section as it is not useful, but I think it needs an upgrade.

I believe that Roblox could be so much better with a functioning recommendation system. Platforms like YouTube have had huge success recommending videos to users. Roblox is one of the top online game platforms in the world. However, the current Roblox games page is created in a way that makes it difficult for developers to have their game found, but it also is frustrating for players. As a player, I find it really hard to find games I enjoy. The games page does not help players find games they want to play. I have seen plenty of people quit Roblox because they ran out of games to play, and didn’t want to waste all of their time simply looking for something to play. This is a common problem, I think most Roblox users could agree that the games page is not adequate.

A new Recommendation system would benefit everyone in the Roblox community. Developers can find more engaged players, players can find games they enjoy more, and YouTubers won’t have to struggle as much to find interesting games. Roblox should create an algorithm that uses the players favorite games and other information to find other games that users like them enjoy, and should recommend some other games and if they like them tailor their recommendations. Obviously, there are many ways they could do this, but I think this is most important thing Roblox needs right now.


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