A new studio bug while logging in

Now, I know that this is not the correct category for this to be posted in, but I simply don’t have permissions to create a new topic in bug reports…
So, I’ve been having this issue quite often now.
I’d say there is about a 70% chance this will happen to me while logging into studio.
Let me explain how to reproduce my issue
I also screenshotted the problem’s result so you could look into this more precisely.

Now, yes I’m on Windows 11
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open studio file
  2. Log into studio with any account
  3. The message & error should appear

Has this been happening ever since you installed W11? I’d say that’s a part of the problem.

Message this to @Bug-Support if you want roblox engineers to see and try to fix this issue

No, this has already been happening on W10 before.

Same thing hapened to me yesterday.

This is what the script reads:

I’m not expecting you to read it.
If there’s an error with the scripts then just reinstall Studio

Did that and the problem resists

I teachd my friend how to download roblox studio and how to use it and he got this error when he tried to open it