"A New Taste" // A free EP full of music for you to use!

Hey guys, back with another free EP!

This one features synthwave, grunge, and more. Hopefully this is useful for you games!

Please give credit to any tracks used with any method of attribution.

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This is quite good music, however, I would advise turning down the bass (not quite suure if thats even what it’s called)? If that’s even a thing :smile:

I’m curious to what software do you use to create the music?

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These sound great! What do you use to make your music?

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I use FL Studio 20 to make my music ^v^

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Well done. This EP is just as great as the others :slightly_smiling_face:

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The music was okay, until i heard this bass thing, it dosent fit in the music, it immiediently ruined the music (kind of)

1:34 is my favourite part though

Also, might wanna try bandcamp. Its pretty cool