A next-gen game idea on Roblox!

Hey there!

I was recently thinking about a extremely cool game idea but is 100% not possible. (lol don’t say below “Anything’s possible”, since this isn’t)

What if I collaborated with the top game developers to create a world style game with literally
in it. It would include adopting and feeding pets (Adopt Me), roleplaying with jobs and owning houses (Bloxburg), robbing and escaping jails (Jailbreak), and much more. The only problem I could think of (besides getting all these awesome devs together) is the lag the game would have, but I guess this could be fixed.

This would be an amazing concept as it would tie the best of the best of Roblox into one next-generation game. Tell me your thoughts below!

Games mentioned in topic:
Adopt Me - Created by NewFissy & Bethink
Bloxburg - Created by Coeptus
Jailbreak - Created by asimo3089 & badcc

Thanks for reading!


So what’s this topic post about?

Just a dev discussion on a cool game idea

I am going to be honest, if you mixup the idea of bloxburg & adopt me together, I don’t think it will be a good concept, because Adopt me is more like a cartoonish game, it has pets and stuff. Which doesn’t really line up together.

This is just my opinion though, I believe you should come up with a more unique idea that has alot more twists and creativity put into it. Not saying you shouldn’t make the game idea you have given…But it just won’t work out in my opinion.

And also the thing that you will collaborate with the developers who have created those 3 front page games, they probably won’t wanna make another one as their game is already performing really good.

Last thing by the way, are you saying you will collaborate with them to make the game, or will you ask them to collaborate within each other?


I was saying to collab with me but it probably makes more sense if they just used my idea and collaborated with themselves since my work would be far inferior compared to theirs.

Base it over the movie from Netflix next gen

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Isn’t that copyright, though? Plus this is just focused on Roblox stuff.

Then it is less chances, unless you have experience with leading a team or actually have really successful games on Roblox probably. Or are a really good developer.

But still I don’t know, if that idea will work out though.

He works for me and I am a successful developer on roblox

I’m good with leading a team and game design, so it might work out lol.

With much experience & previous experience I would mean showing them what all successes you have though, like they would probably want to see what all games you have created, how good your skills are in the field of development you are, And how much experience you have in Roblox development overall.

Also do you have a working out game already? If Yes I really like to see others creations :slight_smile:

I have strength simulator and life of paradise with work at a restaurant and dota 2 being made.

Well I created my beginning games on my profile.

My games where I started actually focusing on coding are here:

This group is where the game I’m currently working on with a team is (up until this point I had always done my games by myself)

The actual Main Place for The Grill is here:

Could you link the game? Because there are alot of games like that in Roblox when I search,

Just profile as it’s right there and also how I am on phone.

I tried to do something similar (open-world with both mechanics and a bit of RP), but I got rekt before finishing the project.
My scripting skills weren’t the best at the beginning, and I worked alone and it took me 9 months before I closed it. By the time I dumped the project I already finished most of mechanics, I just didn’t get to do the open world part.
So yeah, if you hire good guys and don’t give up (and don’t use outdated legacy features), you’ll be able to make your dream come true.
btw you should listen to people below, not all things can be combined into one

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I thought of it months ago having a city where tou have cars and robing like jailbreak adopting pets like adopt me building like bloxburg gun system like Phantom Forces and much more.

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This is a terrible idea and not only a time consuming idea but a horribly unstable idea which will achieve absolutely nothing because they are 3 different types of games not meant to be combined. Imagine adopting kids while getting robbed during your job. This won’t get far and on top of that I am pretty sure barely any of the developers would want to be part of this.

good luck man


I can tell from your base idea, this would go nowhere except for the dumpster.

You cannot combine the following concepts together : Peaceful Living RP (bloxburg) and Criminal Life RP (jailbreak) as well as Adoption and Raising (Adopt me) and Criminal Life RP

Now you may be asking, why wouldn’t X concepts go together? Here’s the reason for the two I provided. Adopt Me and Bloxburg are both PEACEFUL games, the players and the community are used to seeing a fun game to socialize in or do activities in. Jailbreak is a NON-PEACFUL game, when players play it they are ready to shoot things, break things, rob things, and act as a criminal. Those 2 types of games rarely go together due to the fact that one side of the game is usually at a heavy disadvantage.

A great example of this concept working (rarely happens but still) is the game named Anomic created by Anomic Studios. They have equal balance for both sides of the game, peaceful and non-peaceful. The main difference from your concept is that they don’t have adoption/gifts/peaceful jobs. How would you combine pets and family life into a criminal RP game… You see my point.

I wish you luck, but on a side note all of the developers you mentioned won’t help you with the game. They are all busy irl, or they are not willing to re-create their game.


You are just talking about a rolplaying game, with a little more realism.

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