A nice sword fighting game

iv made a sword fighting game with katanas and im wondering how to get players in it it uses a classic roblxo katana with a new mesh and diffrent animations

(and yes the animations are athelbeorns old katana ones i found them so i used them if the devs have a problem i can remove them and show the model i found them from)

all i need to know is how to get players in it i dont got robux for ads so thats out of a option
i really want people to play and like this so anyway to get players would be nice

game if you want to try it:


How did the whole blocking thing work out? :slight_smile:


Open a TikTok page for it. make a trailer or a vid about it. then when it gets players you’ll have a playerbase and the game can grow bigger.

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sadly i kept trying for 4 hours and i didnt want to keep bothering you so i gave up on it

Bother me as much as you need. I’m available whenever and if not, I’ll get back to you the soonest I am.

I think the game is nice and basic so far.