A Note For Beginners

Hello new Developers! I am Space. I will give you a few tips for being a new developer! Lets start. What is developing? Developing is basically making something. For example, if I went into studio and put random blocks and made a statue, that is developing. Developing is also coding. Coding is called Scripting in Roblox Studio. The programming language is called LUA which is a type of code that can function stuff. For example, if I built a car in studio, the car would need LUA to function. Without code, the car would not function and would be just a broken car! Lets get into the Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Try to make your own models
  2. Always be creative and don’t give up on any project!
  3. Do not steal from other developers
  4. Take your time while developing.
  5. Always anchor your part when you spawn it.


  1. Don’t insert a load of free models in your game.
  2. Don’t use free models with Viruses. Viruses are a very serious thing. They can go to your other models and might crash your computer if you try to delete it! If you see a model with “Fire” or InfectScript, delete it.
  3. Don’t get distracted.
  4. Never forget to add a script for something that needs to function. This doesn’t need to happen all the time but if it is a vehicle, etc then add a script.
  5. Don’t use admin commands (your choice). People may think that your game is full of free models.

Now lets get into some building! Building is always very fun to do in Roblox Studio. You can create anything from an apple to a zebra! You can create anything. If you want to build, press the Part button and start building! There is nothing really to explain about building because it is very simple! Try your hardest and one day you will become a professional.

Plugins. Plugins are a fun thing to use. Like me, I use Moon Animator to make animations for my friends. There are plenty of plugins that you can use like the realistic plugin, which can make your game look more realistic! Plugins are like an extension.

My last tip is Icons and Thumbnails. Don’t steal from other games! Instead, you can use a website called Canva. Canva is a really easy to use tool! You can create banners, cards, thumbnails, icons, and so much more!

I hope you like these tips and I will add more soon.