A packaged Sound loses its SoundGroup reference when imported in other place

Reproduction Steps

1) Create a sound in workspace, convert it to package
2) Create a SoundGroup as a child of SoundService, and convert it to package
3) Set “SoundGroup” as the SoundGroup of “Sound”.
4) Open a second Place and insert the package “Sound” in workspace and “SoundGroup” in SoundService.

Expected Behavior

The SoundGroup property of “sound” should be kept, as it is being referenced to the same package from the previous place.

Actual Behavior

The SoundGroup property of “sound” is lost when imported into the new place.





In this case I can’t use Sound as a package and am forced to copy and paste any changes to the sound (or group of sounds) manually to all places that use the same sound.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly

Thanks for the report. We filed a ticket to our internal database.