A PIN or Two-factor Authentication system

Hey there,

We had a discussion about this on RbxDev. And I decided to make it a Feature Request for the Web team :slight_smile:

Before we start :

  • This idea is fully optional. If you don’t like this idea because you don’t a mobile phone for example then it will never be forced on you !
  • The ‘system’ of this idea is already implented in ROBLOX. (Moderators and other ROBLOX admins) need to login with Two-factor to access there account.


[i]Allow us to connect our mobile phones to ROBLOX[/i]. We would like a system where we can decide for wich operations a PIN (that you will get on your mobile) needs to be inserted to execute.

How should it work :
‘You do operation ‘X’, the mobile that you connected to your account will receive a SMS of ROBLOX that contains a unique code that needs to be inserted to do operation ‘X’’

Example of operations
[li]Edit a Place[/li]
[li]Do purchases that are worth more then ‘X’% of your total wealth. So if you have 500 RS, you won’t be able to spend more then ‘X’% without the PIN.[/li]
[li]Leave a Group. Let’s say you own a really unique clan and someone got your account, then it would be great to have a PIN to be inserted instead of being kicked out. [/li]

Who will benifit from this :

  1. Wealthy Users
  2. Developers
  3. All other Users, since they feel more safe.

Summary : A way to connect our mobile phones to ROBLOX and decide on wich type of operation we wish to receive a SMS from ROBLOX, with a unique code that needs to inserted to do the operation.

You have a silly idea :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t want codes sent at operation; I want a code sent when I login. I would be fine with 2 step verification like Google’s.

Oh, and if Roblox says it’s not worth implementing, they could always make it an OBC feature. Kinda worth it depending on your wealth.

It simply wont work too well if you implement it using some kind of SMS system.

Roblox would have to make it work in every country, not just the USA. That probably isnt too cheap either. Thats also way too complicated.

Instead of a phone, generally an email is used for this sort of things because its a lot easier and you dont need to have two machines.

So you set a pin code, which requires verification through email. Then this code is required to do risky operations. Exploiters cant get the code because they cant change it without your email, and the code is not saved anywhere on your computer (but must be typed in each time). Thats how it works in other games.

Actually, it already exists. It’s just not available to us yet, from what I have heard.

Is it similar to the code you have to enter in Runescape before opening your bank?

Actually, it already exists. It’s just not available to us [strike]yet[/strike], from what I have heard.

I’m pretty sure it’s an admin only thing…