A Plane! This is a plane, I made!

I made this plane, it might suck, I NEED FEEDBACK!!!



Thanks Yous!


looks good looks like a hight altitude stealth plane

It’s GREAT, the only thing I would say is to add a little more detail to the tail and turbine covers. Other then this I think you did an outstanding job on this plane, Great Work!

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would add that into my game ngl.

Thank you, I will try an do that. THIS IS OLD PLANE!!!

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It’s like the plane in that Disney super hero movie the family.

The plane looks good! Excellent work! Although, you need to put detail in it or put textures in it since its plain (No offense!)
You can make the windows have transparency in them.

Incredible job on your plane, keep up the great work!

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that is a good sci-fi plane! where do you made it?

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Kinda looks like a short skylon to me. Awesome work.

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Blender, It Was Made In The 3D Modeling System Blender!!!

Is the plane edible cuz it looks tasty and very nice

Keep up the work

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