A Player Moving System

Hello what I try to do is that the player when a while passes move to a specific area but I do not understand very well how to do it.

like some games that have this system.

like this game : https://www.roblox.com/games/1900923490/Would-you-rather

a gui appears and you get to choose what select and if you choose something your avatar will move to a specific part.

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I believe you can use a set of preset nodes for making something like that. By using humanoid:MoveTo() and humanoid.MoveToFinished, you can cycle through the set of nodes and reach the destination. However I’m not sure how to disable the player’s control while this movement happens. I saw it in another post, I’ll try and grab the link.

Edit: Here’s the link: How to stop player movement!


You could use Pathfinding Service paired with other suggestions in this post.

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Pathfinding service can help you out, check out the wiki link.
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I’d agree with everybody else who said that you’d have to use pathfinding - however, if there is a straight path with no jumping/turning required(stairs don’t count), this will probably be an easier method: https://developer.roblox.com/api-reference/function/Humanoid/MoveTo


I agree. I am pretty sure that is what the game TrossCraft linked above uses. I played the game myself to see, you just pick a side and the script checks for available slots in the sides and they take the player there, not complicated at all.


Just disable and enable the player controller.

You can use pathfinding service, this link will help you https://developer.roblox.com/articles/Pathfinding

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I agree with others. Pathfinding service is really useful.

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There’s a player control LocalScript inserted to the character on spawn. If you disable it, you should be able to move character without player himself/herself disturbing it. I don’t remember what is the exact name of the script or where it is since I don’t have access to Studio right now, but you should be able to find it if you look for it in Testing mode. Check character and player scripts.

A lot of people unnecessarily posted duplicate mentions of only the PathfindingService… why?

Anyway. OP, your title is slightly confusing and does not reflect the contents of your post. A player movement system is surprisingly different from asking how to move a character towards a certain area.

Do check out the documentation for Humanoids as they sport the necessary APIs you’ll need for character control. As for preventing players from using their keyboards to move yet allowing scripts to move the character (like in a cutscene or automated movement), you can either disable the controls from the player controls module or pass sinks in ContextActionService for character movement keys.