A post has no name

A post in bulletin board (clearly used to be elsewhere) simply has no title, which makes it difficult to view the post.

It started happening as far as I can tell at 6PM, but I’m sure it happened earlier.

Link: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/topic/1128235/2 (privatized for some reason)

I don’t see a way to reproduce. I thought potentially naming it “topic” would trick the system, but minimum title char limits stop that.

(Not a callout on the user who may or may not have done this, this is purely a bug report as I believe it is a bug, not a circumvention)


This is absolutely peculiar. I assumed a zero-width space was used, but when testing myself the forum didn’t let me.


After going through the topic’s json I copy pasted the title, compared it to an empty string.

I got true.

I don’t know if there is some kind of endpoint for creating or editing topics?


That is strange. One thing to add is that with no topic title, it has become extremely difficult to click any links to that topic. Even the one you provided has absolutely no way to click the actual topic link (which is dependent on the title length).

The first topic can be accessed all fine, but not the second one.

Seeing this can truly be trippy…


Also, sounds like a Discourse bug (I’m not sure though), if anyone can confirm that’d be great. I searched on the site, there has been no incident of this yet, but then again how do you search for a no-title topic lol.


I was replying to another post? What do you guys see?

Edit: Oh it wasnt me it was the post. It used to have a name at least (was it deleted or something and it deleted wrong)



The second thing is the name. It appears to be topic.

Edit: I made one! https://devforum.roblox.com/t/topic/1129077 You type invisible unicode characters. I don’t know why the link isn’t displaying, but it’s there.

I literally just typed “invisible character” into google and found it.

Theres one difference: You can select the characters in my post, but there is none in theirs. I’m not fully sure how the original was done.

Edit: My post was flagged and taken down.


It used to be a #development-discussion post, but it got moved. Maybe that could be why?


Topics aren’t automatically renamed when they are recategorized.


Yours is different, if you append .json and search the raw for “title” you can see it has a value, while the one linked in OP is literally "title":""


super weird.
they didnt use unicode u+2800 because an error would say…
might be a bug or something?


Nope. You can use u+2800 in the title by pasting it a couple of times. The only possible error you can get is “Title seems unclear” but you can work around that that by including spaces in between. There definitely are ways to create an invisible title, but the one linked by the OP doesn’t have any title. It’s not invisible characters, just a bug where someone was able to create a topic without the “title” value being anywhere on the site.

So yes, as you said, it’s a bug.


no, u cant use u+2800 it says. ‘title contains repeated word/symbols’


That’s what I’m talking about. You can do it if you add spaces and make it “look” like a proper topic name (essentially making words out of the invisible characters). I’ve tried it before but for the sake of preventing clutter, deleted the topic.

And also:


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Following up here, has this occurred again anywhere in the last few months?

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No, but it’s very hard to reproduce since nobody here is sure how it’s done.

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Got it. For now I’ll consider this resolved, but you can file a new bug report again when you see another case and have clear steps to reach the repro case.


Hey, I recently came across a blank topic.

Everything appears blank, no title or content appears.

It is pretty easy to do that, just place many invisible unicodes and spaces.

Look at my topic made in seconds:

Unicode used:

This appears to be a separate issue from the current bug report.

The thread you mention clearly has content in the title:

Yet the original thread mentioned in this report has zero characters as title, so the issue is different.


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