A Powerful Robot - a... powerful robot

Recently I was laying in bed and somehow the idea of a new game came, so I wanted to try and make it! And here it is:

What’s the game about:

  • There is a robot and an NPC. And you. You and the NPC both have a glass of water, make sure not to spill it.
  • If water is spilled, then the robot will break down and destroy everything in its path. Except for the NPC.
  • There are 4 panels. You must disable all of them in order to defeat the robot. Each takes 100 seconds to solve, but the robot will try to stop you. More players = easier win.
  • Once the robot is defeated, for gameplay purposes, a new one will spawn.

The game was made in 2 days or so. Bug reports, robot attack ideas (only 2 at the moment), and suggestions are welcomed!

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