A "Preview" button or WYSIWYG system for posting things

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Currently when sending a message, posting a groupshout, and in the past when making a forum post and other various way to post things, it’s a shot in the unknown; will the message get (partially) hashtagged?!

I think a good way to prevent sending unclear messages, from which the spaces have been removed and hashtags added instead of certain words, is by adding a ‘Preview’ button or adding a WYSIWYG system, like what this DevForum has, for things like sending PM’s, posting a groupshout, etc.

Edit: A little optional, but nice to have, addition would be having a ‘highlighting system’ where words that are considered as a ‘filtered message’ will be highlighted in red for example. Just like how scripts have that little line under a piece of code if it’s misspelled or Microsoft Word. This could work well when paired with the Preview button.

Not does it only prevent you from sending potentially hashtagged messages or groupshouts, but you can also fix typo’s before sending the message or rephrase things that were maybe a tad on the awkward side.

Thank you for reading & considering! Let me know what you guys think.


Support ^-^


I just new sent a message ‘[REDACTED]’ apparently … :sob:
What does that even mean? Is that the new ‘[Content Deleted]’?

What is this? :confused:


What’s with the indecisive terminology? What is triggering [ Redacted ] over full hashes? How do I avoid it?


According to this post it’s having a Twitter handle in your message that causes it. I’ll try sending it without Twitter handle.

Edit: Odd… I already removed the Twitter tag giving the same result.


I support this a billion times. If ROBLOX is ever going to be a true social platform, people need to be able to communicate effectively. And yes, I understand that people will use this method to get around the filter, but that’s the filter’s fault–it should be working right in the first place.


Why would roblox continue to send the message after they’ve removed all of the information from it? That makes no sense.


For further discussions on the redacted thing, please check this post rather than posting here. :sweat_smile: Thanks!

Edit: It’s a specific topic about the redacted issue, which is even better than posting in the announcement.

There’s a couple of problems with this

  • If someone sees that something is censored, it makes it easier for them to quickly find a workaround which could make users more vulnerable
  • I assume Roblox have a limit on the filter’s API, this would spam it a lot.
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That’s a good point, but…

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No filter can be perfect, because you can easily make workarounds with things like acronyms


That’s true, but as people uncover workarounds, they can get patched just as quickly. In a way, this could help increase the strength of the filter faster.

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Yeah but it would increase the strength of it while putting users’ safety at risk

The same argument of “showing that it’s filtered will help users bypass the filter” was made for the chat, but the chat now shows when your own messages are filtered:


There’s also no point to do this with wall posts, PMs, etc because the user sees the result immediately afterwards. They just have to post before they can start working around the filter – it doesn’t stop them or noticeably slow them down.

Showing the user what gets filtered so we don’t have a group wall spammed with “#######################” or a PM with all hashes is important for Roblox as a social platform, so a WYSIWYG preview would be a good idea.