A (probably) original game idea: Feedback wanted

So, I have been creating and expanding an idea for a turn-based collectible RPG (Think Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes) with famous ROBLOX players, like developers, admins, myths, etc, as the characters. It has many things to make it unique even from mobile games like it. Basically, it’s SW: GoH but with Roblox people and lots of unique changes that make it work much better for ROBLOX. I’ll split this into 3 sections: Story, Characters, and Changes.


ROBLOX was a peaceful place. It had fun games, cool developers, and amazing players. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked No, not that. But then, all the darkness hiding at the corners of ROBLOX that had been pushed back for so long came together. It formed a being without a name, made of pure darkness and evil. The Being had the power to deconstruct ROBLOXians into shards of themselves. He rounded up the most well-known ROBLOXian leaders and used this power on them. All the other players he threw into Banland, which emptied all the banned players to make room for the good ones! Fortunately, the banned players wanted to get back to their retirement, and wanted to stop the Being. They were deconstructed, too. Only Builderman and you, the Bloxxer, a legendary admin of ROBLOX, survived this. Builderman gives you access to the admin panel (my name for the game’s main lobby) and a Shard Tracker (the character menu) to use in your quest to take back ROBLOX. You begin taking back ROBLOX one game at a time, finding the shards of and rebuilding deconstructed characters that had been used to create clone Legends which you fight against. Is this too boring, not boring enough, or something else?


So, the characters for the game are in 2 factions: Creators and Banlanders/Hackers (not sure on the name, it’s a placeholder). Each Side has three Factions. Creators have Developer, Admin, and Video Star. Banlanders get Exploiter, Myth, and Rulebreaker. There WILL be legendary events in the game, with there being 3 different kinds, which I’ll talk about in Changes. Legendary characters I have so far are Shedletsky, Wemnix, and NewFissy (Yes, I put myself in the game. I’ll hopefully be famous from it, so I got that part covered). I have many, many more characters. There will be over 100 at launch, hopefully! These factions also have sub-factions, like Devteam (the development team for the game) and Classic (people well-known before 2012) are Creator sub-factions. There will also be many more Legendary events.


Ability upgrades: There are fewer upgrades for each character. Not sure, but less than the 8 for SWGOH. Mods: No mods. They hurt my brain.
Raids: Not at launch, but happening.
Legendary Events: This will be long. There are 3 types of Legendary Events. Legendary, Supreme, and Heroic Battle. There will be one event every week. Legendary events appear normally, but there’s a 30% chance that instead, it will be a Supreme event that week. There’s also a 10% chance of it being a Heroic Battle. The events are mostly randomized, which makes players want to prepare for any event. Sometimes I’ll trigger events for certain special days (1x1x1x1 for Halloween week, Wemnix event for my birthday, etc) but it’s usually random.
Battles: They’re 3D, allowing the player to walk around. Characters are scaled to 50% of player size, and it works basically the same, except the target and selection GUIs are constantly facing you. When characters die, they shatter into parts like normal players.
Shops: Randomized packs are called Simulator Eggs. The currencies are Bobux and Limiteds. Bobux is the normal currency, and Limiteds are the premium currency. The Shard Shop is renamed to the Bloxy Award shop, but it functions the same.
Guilds: Renamed Groups, you earn Group Currency based on how many daily quests are completed by everyone.
Secrets: Will definitely be adding a lot of these, all kinds of puzzles and hidden stages to complete

So…yeah. Bloxy Legends. I hope I explained it all well. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go play SWGoH. (Not responsible for addiction or spending of money on that game. Spend it all on Bloxy Legends instead.) If you DO know what I’m talking about, I made a game showing some models I made here. Thanks for reading this!

Edited for clarity/readability 10/12/23, not sure if I’ll end up doing this anymore


Pretty good idea, but pretty cliche if I were to describe it. There are so many movies and games where the world is ending and you and a select bunch of people save the world. But, if you can make it a unique story with plot twists, it would probably be one of the first of these games on the front page!

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Thank you! The story will have a few twists, and I can always rewrite it if I need to. I’ve been wanting to post about this since I learned the Devforum existed. Thanks for the advice!

Cool idea, I have played Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but it was kind-of boring, like @VegetationBush said, plot twists are gonna be very important, like say builderman is about to kill the final Banlanders (Ro-Exploiters) when all of a sudden, the crew behind the 2012 hacking incident come, and freeze builderman or something.

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Yep! Plot twists will be a major part in the story. The idea of the 2012 hackers being on the opposing side is interesting, and I like it