A problem with animation editor plugin, help!

We used to import animations from FBX files from Roblox Studio’s default Animation Editor. It has been working well. But after updated the studio to the lastest version, we can’t import animation anymore. It’s been a week. Can someone provide some help?

Improt model:

Improt animation:


No error was reported and no keyframes were imported!

In addition, we don’t use the Skinned MeshParts(skeleton animation), just keyframe animation and the model and animation are created in 3DMax

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I’m having the same problem, slightly different use case.

I am using skinned mesh parts. Importing a FBX animation shows no keyframes, although Roblox must see them because the rig moves if I sweep back and forth along the editor timeline. The animations are all completely broken/distorted. This also happens if I re-import FBX animations that I’ve previously imported into Roblox without issue, so I’m reasonably confident it’s not a problem on my end.

I have this issue currently. Can’t find anything, anywhere that explains how to fix it or what the problem is.