A prompt up pops for other people EXCEPT for me

Me and my testers started testing the game then this pops up.

(image captured using my brothers acc. [yes he allowed me])

I had no idea why this popped up. This never showed in studio and on my client when i run the game. I never use any free models / off the toolbox except for a skybox only that. My output also recently had so many errors from a luraph

I have no idea also why there are random scripts named weld and one named nothing, literally nothing, void, nil. @shnerpy said then, it might be due to your plugins. I deleted some plugins and still won’t work.
Plugin bar:

when deleting some plugins, I noticed there was a plugin that was turned off/disabled on the manage plugins tab, that it contained malware. I ofc deleted it. There was one plugin me and shnerpy also found suspicious. SmoothCam. I found that plugin by @Sheasu’s how to animate in moon animator. Since then, my laptop has decreased performance even though I haven’t done anything else other than working on the game.

Note: I’m changing my laptop’s HDD to SSD so it will run better.

Big kudos to @shnerpy and @Mr_Ther for finding this out!

Probably some malicious plugin. You should delete those “void” and “nil” scripts. I played your game 3 times and only got the prompt on the first try. I think the prompt doesnt appear for a player more than once, maybe thats why it doesnt show up for you because you’ve probably played your game more than once

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Hm, aight im gonna check on it.