A prop 'Medicalrecord' NormalMap won't make it up to Roblox

Hey, I’m working on a triple-A story mode video game on Roblox.
There are papers of medical records with information for one of the characters, John.
There are also both full name signatures from both John and Angelica.
How would I pull something like this off? I’m not looking to scrap this idea, I want to be able to
include such information about a fictional character without having a stupid Roblox AI determine it for me.

The Colored version makes it in the game, but not the blue version [the normal map]
Let me hear your input. :frowning:

If I were a mod I wouldn’t accept it either, it looks like you’re leaking information even with the stuff blurred. I can’t think of a way to do this without looking like sensitive info, so I’d personally scrap it unless it’s very important to the story.


The thing is that the ColorMap did get accepted into the game, just no the NormalMap for the PBR texture.

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Didn’t Roses do something like this before?

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Doesn’t matter. Every moderation circumstance is different and none of us have the insight to answer these questions authoritatively. If there are any problems with moderation on assets send a PM to the Moderation Review Requests group or go through Support.