A Question about arrays and such

I was working on this random thing and I can’t seem to print the arrays on my array out.

any help would be appreciated. I used some help for the table setup in general on a pervious post of mine but yeah.

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Do you get any errors? But on all of the math.random try using tostring(math.random()) this will make sure that its a string and not an integer

try something like this!

list_of_spawns = {

randomly_chosen_spawn = list_of_spawns[math.random(1, 4)]

workspace.lime_green.Position = randomly_chosen_spawn.Position

instead of




that should work

wait really? I thought I had to call the certain index value? Not like I’m trying to be rude, I’m just surprised.

you set the player as the index/key

there isn’t an index/key of 1

Ah sorry just tried it and it doesn’t show the inside values, only this image

When I tried printing it I got a null value, It would print null. No errors however

turn off log mode
in output settings(click on the three dots)

Thats a good idea! I suppose it wouldn’t work for what I’m trying for but Its nice to know of

Thanks! I never knew that there was something like that! Was there a particular reason why log mode is on by default?

you would have to ask another roblox dev or someone who knows about this

I don’t know why it is there by default, I never had it on by default so I don’t know

I think log mode is turned on when you open the output. If you close it and reopen it log mode is automatically turned on. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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if that was the case, many people would be annoyed by that and complain

it saves when you change it on or off

Ight got it. Thanks for helping out

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