A Question about using Flashing images

Hey guys, I been creating a game called Isolation. It contains quite a lot of flashing images. I was wondering if this could get my game content deleted or if it’s against the TOS (in a vague way)

Closed for a fix Game (WARNING FLASHING IMAGES)


A another question is, would I have to translate the warnings into a variety of languages?

Flashing images is not against the Terms of Service as far as I’m aware. However if you do have any rapidly flashing images or lights, you should include an epilepsy warning but it’s not required.


It’s not required, but it’s definitely good to have. You and Roblox as a whole would be held liable if anyone has an epileptic seizure while playing your game.

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A great question to ask yourself is not if it is allowed, but if it is necessary.

If this strobe effect does not add to the game, and merely serves as a nuisance – which I believe it is – then it would be in your best interests to find another way to simulate insanity. Darkness, strange audio, camera rotations, and blurs all factor into this. Strobe lighting, however, detracts players more than it attracts them; nobody wants to see it on their screen.

But no, it is not against the rules.


To emphasize that, I played for a few minutes and I got really dizzy - and I normally don’t. I can’t imagine what somebody who is more susceptible to dizziness might encounter. I would suggest at least tuning it down a bit.

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It couldn’t get your game deleted but you should make a selection button that confirms you are over 13 just like in rake.

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Yeah I got dizzy as well, but I don’t know what’s making me dizzy.

I didn’t add as much strobe lighting. It’s mainly just Ambient colour and brightness tweening