A "Roblox Game Search" subforum for people looking to discover new Roblox games

As it’s difficult to find Roblox games by the game’s content, like searching for games with multiple currencies than just one, or good clicker games, or games with a certain feature (like trading), I would want the Devforum to have a specific subforum where people can look for games that they might like and play often, as Roblox removed Genre filtering and filters like “popular” doesn’t have the hidden games that aren’t really popular, like if a game is highly interesting for a certain person but doesn’t show up in filters like Popular as it has around 20 concurrent players, neither in Top Rated as it can get dislike-botted.

An example of a thread in that subforum would be like this:
TITLE: Looking for games with multiple currencies
Body: Hello, I would like to look for games that have multiple currencies, one earnable in the game, the other purchasable with Robux or also earned in the game. An example of a game I am looking for is (GAME), because it has Coins earnable through playing the game, and Gems that are purchased with Robux.

So, what do you think? This subforum would make game discovery much easier and more people get to know about hidden gems hiding on Roblox.


This could also lead to bias and drama/arguments stemming from multiple users disagreeing over which game is “better”


In the replies, people would recommend games to try and the OP would check each one out and then continue to play whichever suits them the most. There is not any “worse/better” in terms of finding games, what might be disliked by one group of people might be liked by another, unless it’s a “Free Robux” scam, then that’s a different story.

Ideally yes. On these forums though, nothing is ideal and you’ll always find toxic people. I actually had a run-in with one a few days ago, who I obviously won’t name because that would be defamation and also just plain rude.

If not toxic, people who will voice their disagreement are VERY common on the Internet. Example: Just look at my post.

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This is a forum for developers, not players. A whole subcategory dedicated to posting about games isn’t appropriate to support here. If we were to open this kind if category, it would most likely get closed due to misuse.

We have a general category where you can post these kinds of things (i.e. game recommendations), but you require Member trust level in order to access it. It is the Roblox Discussion subcategory under Lounge. This is essentially a Roblox-based general discussion channel so (almost) anything goes where it normally wouldn’t on our other categories which are all developer-centric.

Achieve Member trust level first and then post a game recommendations topic in Lounge if you’d like.