A sci fi game im working on

this is my first post in the dev forum and I want to show you what I’m currently working on

im working on a research facility. waht you think about the design?


Looks pretty good, I am guessing it is close to completion?

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not rlly i working alone on the building and there is still a lot missing


Looks so good! I like the shaders and how futuristic it feels. Love it.

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Im willing to help for free if u want?(as long as i get valid credit for the stuff i make) Ill give u ideas, scripts of models because that looks EPIC!

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Is this a core game or something?!?! I saw a reactor core on a image

depends on how good you are 'Cause I want it to look good

you cant rlly say core game. the core is just one thing in this place. I want to add more things

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Yes, im good if you give me enough time.

can you show me some if your creations?

This looks amazing. Keep working on it. Some of the coolest build if seen this month!

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Are you the only dev working on this game?

sure, can we private message on Devforum?

Im the only dev who working on the building. The scripting work do a other guy

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