A "scp" type game that me and my friend are making

So, me and my friend @EXTRA956 recently started a “scp” type game and we would like some feedback and suggestions on it. So far we have made this hallway that we will use for some of the areas in the site or whatever you call it.


Can’t really give you any suggestions on the actual game since you haven’t told us what the premise is - that’s okay if you don’t know yet though.

Based on the image, the model actually looks pretty cool, it’s an uncommon shape and colour for a hallway (i’m guessing HCZ?) so this helps differentiate it from the generic SCP hallway design.
I’d make the curved part of the ceiling a darker colour, and the floor a different colour to give it variation and a bit more realistic as it feels like it’s all the same material.

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We have been planning the game for quite a bit but we are still unsure of what to implement. But you are right! we are going to use it for a highly secured area. And we are adding more detail to the floor now. i will continue to post progress on this topic. thanks for the feedback


there aren’t any huge changes but we made the roof and floor distinguish from the other details

And i must say, i quite agree that this looks much better


Added Lighting system, interactive speakers and a alarm system. this is coming togheter


made a couple doors with a keycard system. They have some cool tweening animations, These doors also have a log of who triggered it. but i still have not made a way to view this.

also a new CDC which is clearly unfinished at the moment. give me suggestions for what to add.


i’m currently out of ideas but i have to say it looks pretty cool. what lighting type do you use for that game?

Builds are solid a recommendation is to use blender pbr assets for things such as pipes as it can go a long way to add detail. Furthermore for the lights and just props in general it would be a good idea to use pbr detailed mesh assets as it adds realism and a more double A feel.

We use futuristic as the lighting type

well in that case, i’d recommend you optimise the site a lot, it might be lagging like hell