A Semi-World Build

I made this a while ago but here…
I Need Feedback :slight_smile: !
This was a dead project call “Noobie Hangout!!!” You can find the game on my profile!!!

Thank You!


I would like some feedback thank you :slight_smile:

Don’t Worry, I, Do Not Mind If Its Harsh!

It looks pretty decent, but you could add more assets around the map.
Maybe things like:
More trees
Rocks here and there
Maybe even a river or small pond

The snow area is very bland. Add ice and rocks to the snow to make it look more ‘alive’.

Side note but maybe improve the lighting a bit.

Hope this helps,


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ty, I was thinking about that (it is really plane)

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I have some better lighting in some of my other builds :slight_smile: Ill be posting those next :slight_smile:

I just saw the lava part in the volcano, looks great!

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ty I tried,.
Its really hard with random stuff like that like scattered papers and stuff same with lava. I though it look terrible. (at first)

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I like how its simple but looks nice at the same time
Keep it up! :+1:

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TY!!! I really tried! Nice Outfit btw!!!

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I noticed that you capitalized gams in minigames which I don’t think is right.
Other than that,
I like your use of terrain to make the volcano, really creative :smile:.

Are any of the models (trees, the thing on the volcano) freemodels? I suggest you remove them. I can make you a tree and I will send it to you later.

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game looks nice from the pictures you sent, but it lacks a lot of features and is very bland looking.

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Oh, and ok it’s like a while later, but no those weren’t free model trees, I made them myself.,.!!! !!! !!! !!! .,.

I have posted them in the toolbox!!!’n

I am also a modeler now.,. So I k ow how to make trees!!! Thank You!!!

Thank you!!!