A Set I'm working on :D

What’s a Set?
It’s probably not what you’re thinking, it’s like a 3D outfit! Just like those from Royale High.

My set right now looks like this:


The reason why I posted this is because, 1 I wanted to show you all the progress so far and 2 I wanted a few suggestions on what I should add! Or if you want to give me an idea for my next set <3

I do a lot of these, they’re fun to make! ;D


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This makes me think of a princess dress or like a gown :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of a set before, but I am familiar with the outfits on royal high! lol

I think it looks really pretty so far! Great job, I’d love to see more of your work, keep us posted :smiley:

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TBF I thought it was a stand of a character with a pink nose and moustache.
Looks good, I’d suggest adding straps or something on the shoulders. Goodjob.

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