A showcase I built in 1-3 hrs

I build a little showcase to pay my respect to my old wargroup back in 2013-2020 (This is also my first showcase that I finished)

If you wanna check the game CC memorial structure (Showcase) - Roblox

I did some upgrades on the builds

did some upgrades


A lovely showcase you’re giving us here. If this is supposed to be a sad and painful showcase with some type of deeper meaning then I would recommend making it night and adding candles.
But that is just what I think. Overall good looking, keep it up.


Wow man this is so good!
One thing i would change is maybe use some pbr materials because the roblox default ones aren’t that good.

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I really like the columns! How did you make them?

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Ty I will be adding those in the future

I used a plugin called Archimedes Two (v2.4) made by Scriptos

I can’t build that in 10. How did you make the things like the bricks extremely detailed cracks?

i like it, the cross pattern on the front looks a bit busy/repetitive though

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hand adding the walls until they look nice and copy and paste them to all sides and make some changes

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Wow, this is really cool. I like how you put helmets and sword on the ground, really gives off the memorial vibe. Nice job!

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