A Simple and Easy to use ECS Framework! (Written in Fennel for Roblox Studio!)

Hey y’all! I wrote up a simple and easy to use ECS framework for Roblox Studio! Its still heavily a work in progress. Its not the most performant ECS out there, as it drops many of the core fundamentals of ECS in favor of simplicity and understandability.

Something to note… Its written in Fennel!
Thats right! Its written in Fennel and compiled over to Lua. So the Lua code may not be the most readable because its being compiled from Fennel. The GitHub has links to both the Lua and the Fennel files if you’d like to see both!

Here’s a link to the GitHub!

Like I said its a heavy work on progress, I mostly am posting it here to showcase that you can develop in Roblox Studio using the Fennel programming language!