A simple cactus

Hi! I have just built a cactus and would like some feedback.

context: cactus is for a hangout game.

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Well, it’s a decent cactus, however it’s a bit too simple try adding spikes on the arms on it and consider making the arms more larger and big because at the moment the arms are the same sizes and shape try adding more arms connected onto the cactus with a better shape and design on it. So your attempt at creating one was successful, at least.

If you were wanting more support/ feedback on your model, I recommend showing more meshes that you’ve created rather than a single example. I’ll try making other variety of cactus instead of a part you resized and placed on the model for something so small and specific (there’s not much to give actual feedback on IMO).

Try looking at a few images to get the design and arms right here is an image you could go off of.



It’s pretty decent, although there are things I would change.

If you’re going for a simplistic and/or low-poly look, then you can keep it as is and just add some changes that Jordonh recommended.

If you want it to be a little more realistic, I would put it in Blender and add a few details such as the fruit and more curvy arms.

Hope this helps.

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