A Small Cafe I Built

I don’t remember when I started this small cafe yes i have a terrible memory, but I decided to add some stuff to it like plants.

The only free model used in this build was StarModelX’s Advanced Meshes Kit since I don’t use Blender.
Edit: Forgot that the skybox was a free model. Oops!

Game Link: random cafe i made lol - Roblox

How could I improve and add onto this build?
Note: I’m aware that the grass just stops.


The cafe is pretty good! Just add some grass outside and some wall trims and decals


Looks pretty cute UwU
Love it

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Looks pretty good, but I wanna see more changes to the background but I liked the way the cafe looks with the lighting and the skybox

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By “background” do you mean the walls, the skybox, or something else?

What I meant was some landscape scenery, you can try making the background as if the cafe is placed in a city, or a town.

Also, try to add a parking lot at the front or the side of the cafe. How about some hanging billboards that shows the name of the cafe, like you see in most normal cafes

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It looks really cute! Fantastic but the hedges don’t look aligned.