A somewhat helpful website for scripting

Hello! I recently found this website that is helpful for Luau debugging and generation of code. I know this WILL NOT always be 100% accurate, though it will give you a starting point on what to do / what you did wrong.

To use: you have to state that it is Roblox Luau so say something like this:

“How do I do __ in Roblox Luau”
“What is wrong in my Roblox Luau code? [script]”

How to get to the tool:

  1. Go to https://beta.character.ai/

  2. The scroll down to the “helpers” section

  3. Click on “Bug Basher” helper.

If you have any question feel free to ask!

Note: this tool was NOT create by me nor am I taking credit for it. All credit goes to the original authors


That link looks weird, I pressed it, but nothing loaded

There are already websites like this, what is different about this one

This seems like a pretty good resource on paper, although not reliable I’d say this is a great option. There’s always the ROBLOX developer wiki but I did manage to learn something new.
This should probably be common knowledge, so I’m concerned for myself… but nonetheless, very cool.

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Huh I don’t know what is wrong. Here’s what I get: `

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this is too funny


I tested it for a few days and found out that the AIs make things up around 99% of the time.
I created a custom bot to solve problems but sadly it keeps making fake solutions while pretending it works.

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That’s kinda the point, they make up things that they think will work, whether is does or doesn’t is up to the AI. This is meant to give you some ideas on what to do, not completely fix all you problems. I compared it’s code to the solutions from #help-and-feedback:code-review and #help-and-feedback:scripting-support and it got the main idea.