A Song creation which I need help/feedback on

Hey there, I am gonna upload one of my favourite songs to Roblox. I listened to this song and didn’t hear anything that was inappropriate or bad but I didn’t wanna upload it to Roblox until I 100% know for sure.

If you have 3 minutes and could listen to this song to hear if there is anything inappropriate/bad that would get me warned/banned on Roblox please let me know.


There is not anything in it inappropriate except some drug references but I assume the song would be copyrighted, I don’t know though.

Wait, I just got to a bit in the song, there is a suicide reference so I definitely would not post this unless you want your account moderated.

About the copyright, I was thinking the same thing but wasn’t sure. He has less than 1k subs and less than 1k views on that video so I just thought that maybe he hasn’t officially copyrighted it.

-For that suicide reference what was the time frame on it? Also could I bleep it out

Yeah, here is the time zone, between 1:40 and 1:45

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sorry but this song is definitely inappropriate
here are my two favourite songs and the channel owner allows his songs to be shared as long as you give proper credits

Just my opinion :metal:

The song is not really that inappropriate other than them suicided references which I just finished cropping out.

Man, you need the license of the song. The description of it has a C on it, it doesn’t stand for anything more than copyright, or maybe we’re in freedom land where it means “Can not copyright so take it if you want”, then again, none of US live in freedom land.

Listen, you’ll have to communicate with the man who did the song, many people tend to have a business email so go find out where it is. And because we’re talking business here it’s very possible that the man will be asking for money, maybe you can make use of that because he’s a small channel and he needs the recognition, but it’s very possible that you’ll need to pay money.

I have the same intentions of utilizing licensed music for my work, and I know it won’t be free. People have been saying it a thousand times, artists don’t want your Instagram clout, they want money for their work. This is not Instagram, but you won’t get anything if all you plan on giving is roblox clout.

I was gonna use this song for background music in a game I am working on. Also, adding a Copyright logo to a song doesn’t make the song copyright, its much more complicated to copyright a song then just adding a logo to the desc of the video, well anyways I think but Im not 100% sure. I think it cost a nice amount of money to copyright a song.

I agree, saying that David baszucki owns roblox and giving physical proof that he owns roblox doesn’t make David baszucki the owner or roblox.

And yes, it is copyrighted. And yes, it is explicit.

How do I know?

There’s an E right next to the song, E stands for explicit, but perhaps it’s not explicit, just because there’s an E right there that stands for explicit content doesn’t make the song explicit.

And right below it there’s a © and a P, owned by swell head, which I assume is the distributor, that perhaps is the artist himself. Then again, just because there’s a © that stands for copyright doesn’t make the song copyrighted, it’s much more complex to make a song copyrighted, I myself don’t know how to, so nobody else should know either.

Not (am) trying to be rude, I WANT YOU TO THINK. THINK MAN, why else would there be a C on it? Why else would they put a Copyright symbol right there? WHY WOULDN’T THE COPYRIGHT SYMBOL MEAN THAT THE WORK IS COPYRIGHTED.

It’s a common issue I see on this platform, learned helplessness…

I am also a huge fan of TheFatRat. Respect. :sunglasses:

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