A soundtrack I made 7 days ago (or more)

The description said that I do making some bad soundtracks. So here’s the proof I guess…

I personally don’t like the drum much since it is off and irrelevant to the theme, but yeah I don’t really care since I don’t use this for my future game.

You can give me some feedback and criticism if you want, so I can use those to improve my skill.


I don’t know about that melody structure. It could be improved with some theory applied.


Sounds great! I really like the fell of it.

May I ask though, did you use a music website / software? If so, which one? I have been looking for a good one for a long time but I can’t find one.

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Currently what I am using is FL studio, which is a paid software, but you can use it for free as a demo.

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Sounds funky! I would add some more bass and change it up a bit more though.