A Space Station in Orbit Around A Black Hole + Robots and Baked Goods

Recently our Development Group Terminal Studios released a portfolio featuring a playable demo environment that can be accessed through it. Feedback is welcome and would be much appreciated! You can visit the map here if you want to see it and explore in person. Some Items can be picked up and thrown and the controls of the game can be accessed with the H key.
(Please check controls and be careful before entering area’s without gravity!)

You can access the main map from this button on the portfolio game to walk around and throw things.

Here are some choice Images of some areas on the map

One of the party tables and a robot

The current area without gravity

One of the Halls

Forward Observation Deck

A honest rating would be much appreciated!


Let me know what you all think!

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Wow, this is absolutely amazing, incredible work. The non-gravity area was a challenge and it was fun trying to figure out how to get back to the working gravity area. I love all the attention to detail. Keep up the great work!


If you hold down shift it might be easier to get used to, thanks.

Wow! The game is so cool! The building is so amazing and I love the game idea. Personally, I think this is a 10/10 game. There is only a few things I would change.

Swapping hands with x is slightly annoying, and the scroll wheel would be better, or keys 1 and 2.
The gui has too much contrast, all the black and white made wanna squint.
The anti grav system is fun but instead of holding shift constantly, maybe make it the opposite, where shift destabilizes you.

But other than those things I like the game a lot.
I cant wait to see more of the game in the future!!! :100:


Thanks again for the feedback it can be really helpful

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Absolutely fantastic! Love the last picture, doesn’t even look like ROBLOX at this point. Well done


Thanks for the feedback so far!

Feel free to visit and check out our movement system along with the random items that can be picked up and thrown etc.

We are working on new maps atm