A special 'Learn and Ask' category for DevForum users

Hello, reader.

So, this idea appeared in my head recently. I’m thinking about starting to draw roblox art (profile pictures for roblox-related youtube channels, experience thumbnails), but there isn’t a category for that yet.

The best option right now would be to post in #help-and-feedback, although you probably shouldn’t as that’s a category for any problems you might have, not asking for help in (for example) starting scripting; You could argue that you could look in #resources:community-tutorials or #resources:community-resources, but why not just ask your question instead?
Instead of searching, you could get a reply based on YOUR skill level, and chat with people on the same skill level as you. Imagine the possibilities.

So, what’s my idea?

A ‘Learn and Ask’ category, in which users can learn from more experienced users (in a subject of choice) and get better themselves. How to script better, what’s a better way to do shading (art), or you could ask for clothing design tips!

If I were to imagine it, it would look something like this (ignoring all the other categories):

  • Learn & Ask
    • Scripting
    • Art
    • Clothing design
    • Building
    • GFX
    • Modelling
    • Animation
    • (and possibly other topics)

Thank you for reading!



Look at the name.


This would just be a duplicate category. These questions are acceptable in the current #help-and-feedback category.


I would like to make clear that most devforum users post their most recent creations into #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback as they ask for feedback and constructive criticism, as feedback can help with progressing in a particular subject.

As you said;

The #resources category seems to be a similar category to the one your suggesting.
To clarify; the Community Tutorials section is used for resources that are step-by-step instructions on how to achieve something related to development & the Community Resources section is used for any other resources that are significant and useful to development. For posts such as clothing design tips, I would create an entire tutorial and add useful tips along the way.

Not saying this is a bad suggestion, I’m just making clear that it may not be so useful.

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Why not just utilize #resources:community-tutorials in search of a tutorial? If there isn’t one yet either wait for one or just go look up videos on YouTube.

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I believe this is the point of #help-and-feedback:education-support

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Education support is for getting/giving support for educational content on Roblox.


It’s for asking questions on how to teach kids school subjects.

Literally read the first few sentences.

Thanks for the feedback! This is a great point and we’re thinking about how to address this for the forum as a whole.

For this specific request (adding a special category for “learn and ask”), I think this overlaps too much with the existing help-and-feedback categories including the #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support that was just added.

We’ll consider how to tackle the issue of surfacing the right content based on your skill level in different ways. Closing out this feature request as we will not be implementing the specific proposed solution here.


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