A Thing [Devlog]


I am currently working on a project called “A Thing” (I am very bad at naming things, and renaming can be done at a later"

Overview (Inspired by Sharkbite)
“A Thing” is a round based, survive the killer idea. Two teams (the Survivors and the Robot) are pit against each.
The Robot’s goal is to eliminate all Survivors before the time runs out, and the Survivors’ goal is to last until the time runs out or they can try to defeat the Robot.

“A Thing” is planned to have a neon/synthwave because I like the look.
Unfortunately I am really bad a building things, so if it looks bad, I probably made it.
Fortunately I have one of the best builders I know on my side, so looks should improve.

(Here is a concept lobby. Can you guess who decorated it?)

Experimental Systems
Now for my favorite part: The code!

  1. Round Service: A clock that can do things.
    In order to run all of the systems in the game, I have created something I call RoundService. This system is the heart of the project.
    It provides the following services:
  • Producing and maintaining the structure of a round (ex. Making a new round in which steps can be defined, such as “Intermission”, “Loading”, or “GameOver”)
  • Binding functions to be called at certain times (ex. Calling a function to setup the teams in a loading phase)
  • Allowing multiple types of rounds to be stored for later use
  • Notifying connected clients which round, and which step, is active.
    (wow, incredible, a clock with more functions)
    I want to release this for anyone to use one day, as it has been very useful for me, and I think it can help others. However, I think it needs more development done on it before I would do that.
  1. Spawn System. (Note, when I say “spawn” I really mean “teleport into the map”)
    Now, I could just predefine some areas in a map that are allowed to have Survivors spawn in at, or I could make a needlessly complicated system to find viable spawn positions. Guess what I choose to do…
    Anyways, the Spawn System takes in some parameters, a map, and some objects that are considered obstacles, and (attempts to) finds spots in that map which are deemed safe to spawn in. It’s still a work in progress, but it does work well enough.

    (In this photo, the grey background is the map, the green points are obstacles, and the red dots are spots deemed acceptable for player spawns)

  2. Player Controller Robot
    A system designed to allow for players to control a powerful robot. What else needs to be said? (There is still a ton of work left to be done on it as I have rewritten it a few times…)
    (Here is the model that is currently being used as the robot)

Well, that’s all that is in any viewable state.

Final Remarks
Sorry for the lack of things to see. I hope to show more as progress continues if anyone is interested.

Yes, I know there are a good amount of games on Roblox that follow the 1 vs many style, so I don’t really expect this project to go far. However, it is fun to work on, and that is good enough for me.

Well, that is all for this Devlog. Will I make another? Probably when more work is done. Will this project go anywhere? Time will answer that question.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, be sure to say something. I will try to respond (although it may be a while later…)
Thanks for reading.


If you’re planning on a neon/synthwave look, then I’d definitely recommend changing the lighting to have a much darker ambience, and definitely making it night time / sunrise / sunset (or maybe even using a different skybox entirely)

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Yea, that makes sense. I mean, more excuses to use dark theme are always welcome.

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