A thumbnail I made for my horror game

I made a thumbnail for my horror game, would this be something that you would play?


What do you think?


It looks alright for a game thumbnail. However, there a some things you could add to improve it.

You could:

  • Add things in the back of the thumbnail(i.e game characters) to provide the potential player with an insight in what the game could be about.

  • You could improve on the game title as in my opinion I don’t think its appealing.

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I think there’s a lot of ambiance to the image of your game itself. I think you could scale down the size of the logo and move it down to the lower left corner so there’s more focus on the background rather than the logo.

On a side note, I suggest lessening the gap between “Midnight” and “Horror” and move them closer together vertically.


The backround is a screenshot I took from the game, but thank you for your feedback!

Hello, the name revolves around the story of my game, but I will 100% add some characters in the backround.

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There’s an important point to be made here about metadata. While the icon and/or thumbnail may relate to the game, the viewer doesn’t necessarily know that. So there’s this disconnect where, from your perspective it makes sense because you know what’s in the game, but the viewer looks at it and doesn’t see the meaning behind it.

Is there anything I can do about it?

It can be a difficult obstacle to overcome but you’re already on the right track. Post it in front of strangers without any context (like you did here), and if they don’t get it someone is bound to say something along the lines of “your thumbnail tells me literally nothing about your game”. Then you’ve got to think about how to make it more obvious while still being concise. The best strategy, in my opinion, is making a clear association with an existing genre. For example, the word “Simulator” by itself communicates a wealth of information even to a random bystander.

But my title has the word “Horror” in it, wouldn’t that just be the same thing as “Simulator”?

Currently my games thumbnail looks like this:

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That’s a good start but on Roblox there are multiple subgenres within the horror genre. Example: Piggy and Light Bulb are very different games that appeal to different people. So while the word Horror is helpful, it isn’t specific enough for me to get a good idea of what I will experience if I click play.

Alright, so would I have to change the name?