A toilet I made in blender

I made this toilet for a game I’m making, can you guys give me some feedback


My Thoughts

Looks good, Could be a bit shorter. I think its too tall or the back is too short, Either way somethings wrong with the porportions. I’d look for a better material as plastic doesnt really fit this. Maybe add a flush handle?

There isnt alot of shape in the toilet itself. But it has a simple feel to it, which I like. I just can’t get over how the toilet wraps around itself. I’d suggest using smooth plastic to give it sort of a shine, Plastic is really plain and doesnt work well with alot of stuff.


Example of what I mean when I say "The toilet wraps around itself"

This really takes away from the toilet look.


Yeah, plastic was the default material and I didn’t bother to change it before I took the picture.

Also Part of the proportion problem is that I didn’t size it probably in studio.

I’ll try to make the toilet not wrap around it when I go into blender. Thanks for the feedback!

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The toilet seat looks too rounded and seems like a perfect circle, while most toilet seats are usually oval shaped.

The head of the toilet looks very small, and the rim of the toilet overlaps it, which should not happen.
I suggest you should look at pictures of actual toilets beforehand.