A tool that pushes and ragdolls people (weapon)

Hi, guys this is my first post.
I am just starting to learn how to script and I want to make a simple fight game and I got a question how to make a weapon that pushes and ragdolls people? I got the weapon (bat) finished with damage. I also want it to push and ragdoll people (like ragdoll engine). Any help where to start or script this?
Tnx for reading this and stay safe.

You can start by making Remote Events. Try learning how Remote Events work it will secure a lot of your games and will give you a great start. I think the push system works with Legacy Body Movers It’s a category under Roblox Studios Instances. With them you can add or remove force from parts. It might also help you with building Airplane Games. The ragdoll thing is really easy to make once you get the hang of how to remove the player character and clone a ragdoll and position it in the same area where the player died. Have a great day. Hope I helped you.


Yeah you did! Thanks! And have a great day!

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