A Tower Defense Enemy System Enemy System that can Handle over 1K-inf over

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I’m currently working on a Tower Defense especially on the Enemy System,

I currently have an Enemy System that can handle 1K Enemy with less Recv

  • this image below is the Enemy System im talking about, it was kinda different from my current system, my current system will only show enemies that are on camera and better optimization.

What i want to ask is, 2 people on a Discord server says one of them has an Enemy System that can handle 100m-inf enemy, I don’t know if this is real or not and I don’t know if what are they talking about is TD related or not.

Even if its not TD related, how did he can handle 100m-inf enemies? he says there are devforum about it but he don’t give any link.

so, does someone know? If u know pls reply :blush:

first off, you probably want to change this too #help-and-feedback:scripting-support or one of the other supports.

second off, I do not think this is possible unless you have some form of nasa pc.

o ya i forgor to change the tag.

maybe, i dont think that guy was fr, but what if its possibel :troll trolll

A way to reduce the bandwidth usage to make the game increase amount of zombies possible is to not use humanoids but to simulate movement through mathematical calculations like Beizure curves and quadratic curves. It all revolves around to being able to simulated the next position and orientation of the character on server and passing that data continuously to the client while having the data take up as less bandwidth space as possible.

Make sure to have the enemies only exist in part form on the clients, but other than that, there is no way a game has 100m+ moving parts, that is completely unreasonable. A modern CPU runs at like 4ghz, with that there is no way to even perform the lighting calculations for 100m+ parts in a single frame.

Im guessing they clump enemies together in a super enemy, and possibly using some other method than parts to visualize the enemies